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Sports Tournaments The college hosted three exciting sports competitions during the month of August, 2023, which brought together students from different academic years and programs. These competitions were Carom, Chess and Futsal

Executive Interaction by Mr. Jasil Ponnachhan (13th October 2023) Mr. Jasil Ponnachhan, the Executive House Keeper at Taj, Cidade de Goa, delivered an insightful guest lecture to BBA students from Batch 11 and Batch 13. He shared valuable insights on the importance of curtains in hotels, cleanliness, security, and ambiance in the hotel management domain

Cuisine Clutch (10 th October, 2023) Organized by the 3rd-year BBA students, Cuisine Clutch was a gala dinner event held at the Grande Sala, Taj, Cidade de Goa. The event featured a buffet spread prepared by the students, a bar with various beverage options. The event also featured a captivating entertainment segment that showcased the …

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World Tourism Day 2023 GCHCE celebrated World Tourism Day 2023 on 27 September, 2023. The BBA and HRDF students participated in two main competitions centered on the theme of "Tourism and Green Investment." The Essay Writing competition & The Quiz Competition.

Goa University, Best Physique – 15th September, 2023 Participant: Lysander Araujo Category: 100+ Result: Lysander Araujo showcased his fitness and physique prowess in the Best Physiquecompetition, securing the 2nd place in the 100+ category, a commendable achievement.

Workshop at St Xavier’s H.S.S, Mapusa On September 15, 2023, a workshop was conducted at St. Xavier's Higher Secondary School in Mapusa, Goa, led by Dr. Edgar D'Souza. The workshop aimed to provide essential knowledge about dining etiquette.

Environmental Studies Field Trip (22nd August 2023) On 22nd August 2023, a field visit was organized for the First-year students of Batch 13 to explore the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary at Chorao and the salt pans at Ribandar. This educational excursion provided students with a firsthand experience of unique ecosystems, bird species, and traditional practices …

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Webinar: Financial Empowerment through Wealth Creation (17th August 2023) An insightful and educational webinar titled "Financial Empowerment through Wealth Creation" was jointly organized by the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) and the Goa College of Hospitality and Culinary Education on the 17th of August, 2023. The webinar aimed to empower participants with knowledge …

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PROUD WINNERS AT THE CHEF MIGUEL ARCANJO AWARD 2022 We at The Gardeny are proud to offer carefully designed landscapes crafted to suit our commercial clients’ preferences while prioritizing sustainability.

Goan Brothers in Arms at the Great Britesh Bake-off 2021

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